One of the greatest virtues in life is altruism.  Recently, President Obama announced that he will be offering free community college.  Pause . .  . for a moment and put aside the generosity, remove your emotions, and remove the numbers.  Consider the following:  The government does not produce a product. So how does the government plan to compensate the Community Colleges? After all, there are parking lots on campus, janitors, administrative assistants, concrete, running water, lights, HVAC, there is most likely a commercial loan on the land, buildings, utilities, IT, etc.

Mr. President how is this altruistic proposal possible?  Answer: the 16th Amendment which states “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration”. Wait a minute, it’s not FREE!  You took from me and gave to someone else.  Now when that someone else benefits from it, how exactly is that benefiting my family?  After all, the taxes (theft) that were taken from me could have been deployed for the benefit of my family, friends, investment of a consumer and or capital goods, or charitable donation to a cause that I hold dear to me. I believe I have detected a Sofeé! ! !  What is a Sofeé?  A Sofeé is euphemistic way of articulating a sophism.

But Wait there’s more! Here are some more Sofeés. the fallacy that education is expensive, unattainable, or actually beneficial. Reading a book is free, one does not need the world of academia to accomplish this task.  The internet provides a plethora of educational material for free!  More importantly, is the productive capacity of our nation increased because one has a degree to function in Industry A, but Industry A is a dying industry or is over saturated?

From a contrarian perspective, I would contend that educare is more important than education? Educare means to bring out one’s genius, hence the word creativity.  Whereas in the world of academia education puts information in. Put aside your beliefs regarding religion and ponder this thought.  Believers in GOD all concur that GOD created the world, not the he had the knowledge to create the world.  He who creates has the power, and hires those that have knowledge.  Or, how about just taking out a blank sheet of paper and writing your thoughts down (this affectionately is known as thinking) and acting on those ideas? Sounds simple doesn’t it but it is not easy.  Unfortunately, we are not taught to think.

Mr. President, we trusted you.  Now there’s another Sofeé!  The majority of us have not come to the realization as Doug Casey of the ‘Casey Research’ points out, and I paraphrase, that we should not be as concerned of the politician that our government wants us to despise, after all, a foreign politician does not have the power to tax, imprison, conscript, or send us to war (Sofeé).  That power rests in the politician that is in closest proximity to us.  Thank you Mr. Casey, that actually was not Sofeé.

In closing, I agree that is better to give than receive.  However, allow me the opportunity to give where and when I choose.  The government has proven that it is challenged financially.  I believe that I can manage my finances better without the their involvement.  Oh ya, Mr. President when you mention the money that is being saved by the students because of your benevolence, that’s another Sofeé, the students are saving currency.  Money is physical gold and silver per the law of the land in our sacred Constitution in Article 1 Section 10.

PS: I wholeheartedly respect the President, but reserve the right to be apoplectic with his beautiful act of altruism.

Credits: Henry Hazlitt, Earl Nightingale, Robert Kiyosaki, Doug Casey, David Morgan, & Rick Rule.



 The featured image was taken by: Matt May