The legendary duo known as ‘Gang Starr’ during the late 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s published many notable tracks for Hip Hop lovers. No, they didn’t break into the mainstream, but true fans respected the production of DJ Premier and the lyrical prowess of Guru. Their message was succinct, street, and original. One would think that a rap artist might be respected more if they didn’t display or make demeaning remarks about women or promote violence that the mainstream would actually embrace the craft of ‘Gang Starr’, but I digress. Their discography includes many solid tracks such as: ‘Royalty’, ‘You Know My Steez’, ‘Take It Personal’, ‘Skillz’ and one of my favorite tracks ‘Mass Appeal’, with ‘Royalty’ being a close second.

Instinctively, we as humans tend to feel strong and comfortable in numbers, which leads us to the evolution from people to sheeple. We are all too familiar with the saying:”Well if everyone is doing it, it must be right”(Sofeé), but I would rebut that statement with: “Stupid is as stupid does”. Not to be insulting, but as retired radio host Neal Bortz used to say: “Dumb Masses, now say it fast Dumb Masses”. What a mastery of words I must say!

The challenge for the masses is not necessarily following, but rather not following followers. Or, depending on where you are receiving the message, it could be perception disguised as deception in an attempt towards collection through a misconception. Say what? Millions upon millions place their faith into words advocated by a good salesman, with no merit, because the masses blindly lack the due diligence to confirm the message conveyed.

Throughout my endeavors I have met many challenges discussing investing with individuals that either felt that they didn’t have the time or didn’t wish to learn the importance of investing. Allow me to first state the best things in life are free: health, family, friends, and thoughts. I mention thoughts because it is your thoughts that will determine the results of your life. As Earl Nightingale states in ‘Lead the Field’: “Great attitude, great results; poor attitude, poor results”.

Your thoughts lead you to relationships of many endeavors. But I would like to focus here on the financial. As legendary Rick Rule states: “Either you’re a contrarian or you’re a victim”, wise words from a very noble man. I find it interesting that in those that are usually dissatisfied with their life, the stimulus tends to be regarding monetary matters. Usually stemming from the inability to have material objects that they believe they deserve such as food, clothes, transportation, residency, and numerical values not reflected in their bank or portfolio statement. I’m disheartened when I see so many put forth the laborious effort to earn an income, not realizing the fruits of their labor will most likely not produce the results they desire financially unless an epiphany occurs.

Maybe, just maybe, this is your epiphany moment! If you don’t know how to increase your utility in how you derive your income then maybe you should consider challenging and changing your ideology towards investing. Boe, if what you done ain’t working you might otta, stop, look around, blame, sprinkle a little profanity if you wish, and then realize the one common denominator in all of your experiences is YOU! Agreed, I am not in your shoes and you’re not in mine so I am not judging, I am just stating logos.

I challenge you to think as a generational steward. Create a legacy for generations. Let tomorrow for all the generations that follow you begin with you and your ideology! Learn the axioms that have been imparted by those that are finacially independent through contrarian investing virtues in the public domain. But I caution you, they may not be names that you are familiar with, but they will impart intellectual stimulation that will lead you to investments the masses dare not consider.

But isn’t that risky? Investing is not risky, only the investor. Investments may be volatile, meaning they may appear to look like a pic of the Rocky Mountains going up and down from one extreme to the other. But that does not mean risk. If you hurt yourself, and need me to drive you to the hospital fast in your Porsche, which is a stick, and I only know how to drive an automatic your injury could be compounded with whiplash:). The Porsche in this scenario is the investment, you are the investor. The Porsche can go from 0 to 160 and back to 40 in seconds, but with me behind the wheel we may never get out of park. Sound familiar?

The path of following a leader and or becoming a leader is not a pursuit that the masses desire. The masses feel warm and fuzzy because they are part of the group. Meanwhile, the wolf is preparing his meal while he is stroking the ego of sheeple while preparing his full course meal, and of course the sheeple are hungry, but don’t realize they are on the menu. Unfortunately, that very decision is what leads to their financial demise. Fortunately, for you, the decisions the masses refuse to make financially removes them from being any competition and places you in a competitive advantage. What works for me may not work for you, but to paraphrase Rick Rule you essentially fail the IQ test when you refuse to follow serially successful people. Add your name to the list of the serially successful by changing your ideology and learn to discern where you can earn in what may lack mass appeal but has lasting appeal. I would encourage your exposure to Natural Resources, which encompasses a vast breadth of everything we consume yet the masses tend to invest in derivatives of what comes forth from the Earth. The first investment is in YOU, not where the masses mislead you. Caution: Natural Resources don’t have Mass Appeal.



The featured image was by:  Generation Bass