Krunk is a ebonic portmanteau established by Southern Rap Music as a way of saying crazy and drunk. Now if one wishes to indulge in free-spirited music that is energetic and completely intellectually frustrating, with really no production quality then KRUNK is for you (Hateraide is thirst aid)! Interesting to note, of all the Krunk music produced there are no known artist discographies with a song entitled: ‘Speaker of the South’.

In my previous blog, I inquired if President Obama should be the first African American on a U.S. coin. Well, we all know how that turned out :).  Allow me to ask you this:”Should President Obama be first biracial on a U.S. coin”? Before you respond, pause and reflect. If past is prologue this author is setting you up for something.  While we may have differing opinions, I would argue that Joseph Rainey is more than deserving of such an honor. Joseph Rainey? Who’s dat?

Joseph Rainey was the first biracial, although he is known as the first Black Speaker of the House (Sofeé) to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, and he was the first biracial to preside over the House. No way!  When? Representing the State of South Carolina (Tha Down N’ Dirty Baby), Speaker Rainey’s term as a Representative began in the year 1870, and he became Speaker of the House in 1874! Now that’s what I call ‘SPEAKER OF THE SOUTH’ ! ! ! Hold on, y’all need to stop and reread the years and location of his tenure (speak on it Homie).

The aforementioned is why I would be biased to having Joesph Rainey as the first biracial person on a U.S. Coin.  Question?  Why is it during Black History Month you never hear about this amazing man?  Answer, sad but true. He was a Republican. Yes, I know, you’re saying: but he’s Black (Sofeé) he just can’t be a Republican, no way, they don’t make those do they?.  It’s true, sorry empirical evidence always defeats those darn emotions.

This again is also a good time to reference Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. One might ask why I reference a coin? Coins throughout civilizations share a story and serve as a monument for the citizenry to respect and honor their past. Why not paper currency? That’s a Sofeé, a Federal Reserve Note is not paper. The composition is 75% cotton and 25% linen. Furthermore, history has repeatedly demonstrated that all fiat currencies lacking the composition of precious and or base metals will meet their predecessors demise and go to their intrinsic value of zero. My preference, of course, for Speaker Rainey would be for him to be on a precious metal Commemorative Coin. To make a up for lost time, I would contend that Speaker Rainey be the first statesman on a palladium coin (The United States does not Mint palladium coins).

Challenge of the day for all you Krunkster’s:

1. Open the link below

2. Get your smart phone out and actually have your phone earn its nomenclature

3. Use the audio record-setting/dictation on your phone and read the bio out loud and audible (remember you’re recording yourself speak)

4. Bluetooth your smart phone in your ride

5. Give his bio the same respect, meaning same volume, you would for that Krunk music and bump that track, you know which one:


For more on the accomplishments of Speaker Rainey:,-Joseph-Hayne-%28R000016%29/




The featured image was by: Chad Cooper