With regards to ‘State of the Union’, I produce this disclaimer:  I wholeheartedly respect the authority of the President of the United States. Therefore, in the forthcoming commentary I would ascribe the following comments irrespective of which party is occupying the tenure of the Presidency.  Putting aside your views of Red (Republican), Blue (Democrat), and White (Liberty).

Admittedly, one with a basic understanding of Liberty can see through the plethora of sophisms throughout the President’s narrative.  If the sophisms weren’t clear, allow me the honor to share just a few. Let’s begin shall we?

The theme for tonight’s speech was ‘Middle Class Economics’, noteworthy of mention child care, minimum wage, taxes, and a “even out the playing field for everyone” & “Everyone having a fair opportunity”.  Now we all know that HOME is your largest expense in life (Sofeé).  That Sofeéhas been perpetuated for generations.  Your largest expense in life is TAXES (via the 16th Amendment). Well, we all know that the American Dream is to own a home (Sofeé).  The American Dream is FREEDOM (Do a word search in the Constitution regarding home ownership)!  I mention the above because these sophisms are passed from generation to generation with a complete lack of merit and understanding of our Nations Constitution and history.

Stick with me on this, there is a method to the madness and you will be able to denote and detect Sofeés that truly have attributed to the demise of ‘Middle Class Economics’ which was the theme of tonight’s ‘State of the Union’ speech. Now back to the 16th Amendment, notice how it is correlated with the creation of the Federal Reserve. I could go on about how the Federal Reserve is a private bank and is illegal per Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, but I digress.

Federal Reserve:  http://www.federalreserve.gov/faqs/about_14986.htm (view last paragraph)

The Federal Reserve has a mandate to preserve the value of our currency, which it has failed. All one needs to do is look at what a Federal Reserve Note (FRN) purchased in 1913 versus 2015, especially from 1971 to 2015.  Please note, that a FRN with single digit indicating the number 1 is not a dollar (Sofee`).  A dollar, per the ‘1792 Coinage Act’, has 371.25 grains of silver (Johnny Carson: I did not know that!).

After 1964, our money became currency because President Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) removed the silver content from our coinage and converted the citizen’s money into a fiat currency. The effect: As of today’s writing a dime pre 1965 contained .0715 ounces of silver, which is worth 14 dimes as of spot price plus a .10 premium (add another dime) making it a total of 15 dimes. Noteworthy of mention, Richard Nixon (Republican) took the United States off the gold standard (although the Federal Reserve actually stopped holding gold in 1934).

MUST WATCH: j.mp/there-is-no-gold

The removal of gold and silver from our monetary system is HUGE! ! ! Why? Because our Founding Fathers understood the importance of a bimetallic currency (gold and silver = you “Got to back that THANG, not thing, up”).

By removing the bimetallic standard from our monetary system our government can strengthen its resolve by not only taking from you via taxes but it can devalue your currency by robbing of your purchasing power from the effects of inflation. (Sofeé check here:  Inflation is not the increase in higher prices. Inflation is the expansion of our currency, the effects are higher prices).  Sadly, the aforementioned facts are never brought about in debates when discussing should there be an increase in the minimum wage or the duplicitous effects it has had on the middle class. Wages have to increase because the currency is being devalued and taxes are increasing. Who is responsible for these activities?  It’s the FEDERAL RESERVE (ha whoa! ! !)

We hear the following sophisms regarding minimum wage.  The rich are greedy.  Yet, the first cure for greed is to give and the rich gave you a job and they are giving a customer something want through the sale of a good or service. If you are a minimum wage employee what did you give? What’s that you say?  You worked. Did you agree to the terms prior to employment?  Did the employer comply?  Did the employer force you to work there?  Minimum wage infers a value to someone who actually may not be deserving of the minimum wage rate due to their lack of productivity.  A minimum wage job was not designed to support a family of four or more.  Did we forget that the minimum wage jobs are were intended for those that are entering the work force with minimal work experience or for those that have the lowest utility in production?  In other words, minimum wage workers have not created a higher demand for their services.  When a worker’s utility has increased they will advance or seek employment elsewhere. But no one is hiring! Remember you legally are still allowed to be an entrepreneur. Please note, there is no limitation on your earnings as an entrepreneur.


All we need to do is look at our last 100, 40 years as a nation when our nation used a bimetallic monetary system.

Before:   Only Dad worked

Now:      Mom and Dad work (and mom earns less than she deserves)

Before:  Household debt was not really an issue

Now:     We aspire to have a credit card = synonym for debt

Before:  Citizens felt if they needed it was temporary and didn’t want it as a way of life

Now:     That view is now completely juxtaposed (As a minority that grew up on welfare, single            parenthood and I’m an immigrant trust me on this one)

Before:  All brick ranch homes  Price: 25K

Now:     Vinyl Siding 2 story (less land) Price: 219K

Before:  Banks actually had money (gold and silver)

Now:     No money, all Currency with the exception of some Kennedy Half Dollar that are from the 1960’s.

Before:  Daycare was not a care because the mother raised the children

Now:     It’s a national problem, and daycare and teachers have been bestowed the obligation of being the parent

Before:  Divorce rates lower and few single parents

Now:     Both parents work, don’t spend quality time together, affects quality life, leads to separation of families and increased single parents

Before:  Caloric intake was lower

Now:     Always on the go, fast food everywhere, obesity, disease

Can one really deduce that the above are related to the removal/debasing of our currency? Certainly, and actually the list can and should deservedly be longer (No Sofeé here).  I did not state that is the sole reason, but the relation to the above and the removal our bimetallic monetary system is linked.

We also heard mention of the unemployment rate, yet no mention of the U3 versus the U6 unemployment rate, nor underemployment.  You can locate these on the ‘Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ website.  Also, did you notice there was no mention of the salaries for the new found jobs?

Mr. President, I heard no remarks concerning Capitalism or the Free Market.  I did notice the throughout your narrative giving kudos to government intervention and Unions which have their origins in Socialism and Communism.  Hence, you hear the words ‘collectivism’ used by these factions. The Sofeé, in omitting the Free Market and or Capitalism is to undermine the greatest advancements in history occurred with the advent of ‘Laissez-Faire’. Mr. President ‘Middle Class Economics’ came to fruition because of the beauty and simplicity of Capitalism and the Free Market.

Mr. President regarding education are you not aware that our school systems do not educate or prepare our children to be entrepreneurs?  Our children are taught to be only become employees. A Financial Statement, Rule of 72, Law of 72, Arbitrage, etc. are not even introduced until one attends college.  Or how about teaching the difference between earned, portfolio, and passive income and how it is taxed.  I could literally cover these in less than 15 minutes in a youtube video for an 8th grader to understand.

Now let’s bring this all together.  Mr. President I dare not attack your character and or devotion to duty (Kantianism). But Mr.President, if your true concern is ‘Middle Class Economics’, and you are not running for re-election why continue the spread of sophisms?  Why not convey the truth? If Corporate America is so greedy, why not introduce/educate our children in the public school on the virtues of entrepreneurship? Why not make it an agenda to have a bimetallic monetary system that would stabilize the currency, so you wouldn’t need all the social programs, then you wouldn’t need all the taxes and . . . ah I’m kidding myself.

In closing, I challenge you to do a word search in the Constitution for the following:  Federal Reserve, United States Post Office, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Obamacare, Money, Home Ownership, and taxes.  Then watch video of a past Presidential debate and notice how much time is devoted to these subject matters, when we should be looking for a leader that will uphold the tenets and ethos of the Constitution of the United States.





The featured image was by: Simon Cunningham of (lendingmemo.com)