Gregory Beischer the President, Director, and CEO of Millrock Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to confirm the highly anticiapted drill results and IP completion on the Alaska Range Project, formerly known as the Stellar Project, located in Alaska.  In addition, we cover current work being conducted in Sonora, Mexico at La Navidad, which is generating a lot of interest from speculators in the space.  Noteworthy of Mention, Millrock Resources is currently conducting a financing.  For details watch today’s exclusive interview.





Maurice Jackson: Welcome to Proven & Probable where we focus on metals, mining and more. I’m your host, Maurice Jackson.

Today we will discuss a company that has established itself as a premier project generator. I’m speaking of Millrock Resources, trading on the TSXV, symbol MRO, and on the OTCQX, symbol MLRKF. Joining us today is the President, CEO and Director of Millrock Resources, Gregory Beischer.

Before we begin, allow me to convey to our listeners thatMillrock Resources is a sponsor of Proven & Probable and that we are proud shareholders of Millrock Resources for the virtues we will convey in today’s message. Mister Beischer, welcome to the show, sir.

Gregory Beischer: Well, thanks very much, Maurice. Thanks for inviting for me on.

Maurice Jackson: Gregory, last time we spoke we were in New Orleans and at the investment conference. I was unable really to have an opportunity to speak with you as investors were interested in the merits of being a shareholder inMillrock Resources. Share with us some of the questions that you were receiving.

Gregory Beischer: Well, we did have a lot of interest in our active exploration projects. I guess the question I got most often is when are the drill results coming from the Stellar project in Alaska? And everyone was curious about what we were working on down in Sonora State, Mexico.

Maurice Jackson: And speaking of that, let’s begin our discussion today in Alaska on the Stellar project where the latestpress release refers to IP and the always exciting drill results.

Gregory Beischer: That’s right, Maurice. We had done an IP survey as part of our overall exploration program at the Stellarproject. But, of course, the main thrust was drilling. We used two drills to re-drill the Zackly high grade copper/gold skarn. And just recently we’ve now made a press release about those results. And they’re pretty darned good.

One of the better intersections was 14.5 meters, grading 2.5% copper and 2 grams per ton gold. And another quite good one was 5.3 meters at 2% copper and .7 grams per ton goldSo we were able to get excellent core recovery, much better than the historic drilling. In fact, it looks like among the intersections were a bit thicker than we’d anticipated from prior drilling.

So this is good. With PolarX, the funding company, we should be able to recalculate the resource at Zackly and bring it to modern compliance standards. So there was a successful drilling program. We are encouraged about the porphyry potential in the surrounding area. And the induced polarization survey results were quite helpful in demonstrating that potential. So it’ll be another big year of exploration and drilling on this project in 2018.

By the way, going forward, the name of the overall project will be Alaska Range. PolarX, of which Millrock is a big shareholder, has decided to rename now that we’ve combined our Stellar project with their Caribou Dome. So now called the Alaska Range project.

Maurice Jackson: And we’ll certainly make note of that here. So Alaska Range for current and prospective shareholders. Just to reinforce here that the Stellar project is going to be renamed to the Alaska Range. Moving south to Mexico, there’s some genuine excitement regarding La Navidad. What are the latest details there?

Gregory Beischer: Well, we started drilling on the La Navidad project a couple of weeks ago now. We’re well into the program. It’s roughly 2,000 meters and nine planned holes. You know, we got some really good results at surface there that we reported in a recent press release, from work that we’ve done since mid-summer. And now’s the time to test the theories that we’ve developed, and so far so good.

Production’s coming along very well. We should have results in time for Christmas, which is appropriate given the name of the project, La Navidad.

Maurice Jackson: No pun intended, huh? Mister Beischer, we’ve covered the good. What keeps you up at night that we don’tknow about?

Gregory Beischer: Well, there’s a number of things right now, Maurice. You know, we’re very, very active. We’ve got a number of different deals coming together and there’s just a lot of balls to juggle all at one time. So that’s the thing that keeps me a little worried. But so far, so good. We’ve got a great team of people and we’re executing.

Maurice Jackson: And finally, what did I forget to ask?

Gregory Beischer: Well, I think it’s always good to ask about the markets in general, Maurice. And, you know, I thinkeveryone had greater expectations for the fall. But clearly the trend is up and I think 2018 is going to be a really great year. And Millrock I believe to be very well positioned. We’ve got a great portfolio of projects. We’re actively drilling them with four different partners contributing funds. So I think we’re in a really good position to increase value for the Millrock shareholder.

Maurice Jackson: And, Gregory, if someone listening today wants to get more information regarding Millrock Resources, please share the contact details.

Gregory Beischer: Yeah, sure. It’s best if you just go on our website,, and you’ll see phone numbers. You can contact Melanee Henderson at our Investor Relations department. Or if investors would like to speak with me, I’d be glad to.

Maurice Jackson: And last but not least, please visit our website,, where we interview the most respected names in the natural resource space. You may reach us at Gregory Beischer of Millrock Resources, thank you for joining us today on Proven & Probable.

Gregory Beischer: Thank you, Maurice.

Maurice Jackson: Happy Thanksgiving to you, sir.

Gregory Beischer: Hey, same to you.

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