Dear valued subscribers, we know that you love deep value propositions so we wanted to bring to your attention what we and our precious metals clients are purchasing and most importantly why.

The DOW/GOLD Ratio right now is 18.6! ! !  This means that 18.6 ounces of GOLD will purchase 1 share of the Dow.  This means that Gold relative to the DOW is on a huge discount.  When the ratio is between 1-5 is time to look at selling GOLD for the DOW.

But if you look further, the GOLD/SILVER Ratio is 80! ! !  This means that 80 ounces of SILVER will purchase you 1 ounce of GOLD.  This is a buy signal for SILVER and when the ratio is between 45-54 its time to sell your SILVER for GOLD.


But if you look at the PLATINUM/GOLD Ratio is only .73! ! !  This means that it PLATINUM is on fire sale compared to GOLD.  When the ratio is 3 look at selling your PLATINUM in exchange for GOLD.

You don’t have to predict a currency crash to recognize a sale and use the ratios to your advantage.  On our weekly updates we share what we are currently purchasing and the aforementioned narrative explains our thesis.

If you are seeking to become a financial steward and wish to have a position in Money, which is GOLD and SILVER, which is time-tested through and through we encourage you to visit www. and register on our website to become a client for online registration click here.  Be sure to reference you are a Proven and Probable client and or contact me directly at 919.274.5680 or

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Miles Franklin was founded in January, 1990 by David MILES Schectman.  David’s son, Andy Schectman, our CEO, joined Miles Franklin in 1991.  Miles Franklin’s primary focus from 1990 through 1998 was the Swiss Annuity and we were one of the two top firms in the industry.  In November, 2000, we decided to de-emphasize our focus on off-shore investing and moved primarily into gold and silver, which we felt were about to enter into a long-term bull market cycle.  Our timing and our new direction proved to be the right thing to do.

We are rated A+ by the BBB with zero complaints on our record.  We are recommended by many prominent newsletter writers including Doug Casey, Jim Sinclair, David Morgan, Future Money Trends and the SGT Report.

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