Wisdom is action used in conjunction with knowledge to achieve a desired outcome. I would further add that wisdom involves commitment and not afraid of being wrong. Too often, one gravitates to knowledge and delays action equaling procrastination. Simply because in the process of ascertaining the knowledge one is confident, they have all the answers, and when they graduate they will show them all (Sofeé). Today more people have degrees and in many cases advanced degrees than ever before, with no action to demonstrate their knowledge. Why? There are several reasons, but I would contend because they are afraid to get it wrong. No one likes to be wrong it shows weakness and damages the ego.

I don’t disagree there are obstacles that surround us every day that prohibit our growth. Growth in the context of us using action to further our experiences in life for the better and worse. But we must remember that we should hold ourselves accountable for our lives. Reverend Mike Murdock once said:”What you can’t walk away from has mastered you” and “The only reason people fail is broken focus”. I do my very best to apply these principles in my life as they serve as a beacon for my resolve to always act, be, and do.

If you have been following my work you will note that I have a certain affinity for investing. My advocation and understudy began in Dec. 1999. When I learned the “Rule of 72″, which simply demonstrates how long it will take for your return in an investment to double by taking the interest rate and dividing it by 72. Example: 6% interest would double every 12 years (6/72=12). At that moment when I learned the Rule of 72, I realized that I was and still am the smartest person in the world :). Then I met my mentor in 2002, J. Charles Reives who is very successful investor and he shared with me the “Law of 72″, which is: if you learned something that has really motivated you, that you have 72 hours to act on that information or you reduce our chances of ever acting on that information. Hence, procrastination; that little bugga will make you put things off because you should, could, and will just not today. And let’s not forget when procrastination holds us back by saying: what if your wrong?

We all need to invest. I am not implying that you need to commit all of your free time to investing (Get a life!). However, I am advocating that you take action towards your financial life. Don’t let procrastination fool you into believing that you will learn investing once you have the capital to deploy. Remember, there are very few things in life that don’t involve your ability to pay for a good and service. Therefore, allocate at a minimum 15 minutes of learning something about investing a day.

As a contrarian investor, I believe the surest and safest investment you can and should make first is in yourself. I do recommend the following as a grass roots to expanding your financial literacy. The following are great resources and easy read/follow:

‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ George S. Clason

‘Economics in One Lesson’ by Henry Hazlitt

‘RichDads Guide to investing in Gold and Silver’ by author Mike Maloney

‘The Silver Manifesto’ by David Morgan and Christopher Marchese

I would be remissed if I didn’t add that there are several interesting and intellectual discussion threads regarding investing here @ liberty.me. Please, don’t be afraid to ask and engage in the discussion forums. Our community has some of the best minds with the benevolence to share. But if you are procrastinating for the right time or perfect investment please share with me. As for me, I will let wisdom be my guide having full confidence that she will provide the answers for me to conquer and divide. In reading the following passage, I hope that you are inspired and fully recognize that you’re better than those darn birds.

The following can be found in the book ‘Don’t Bank On It’ on P.220 by authors, Craig R. Smith, Lowell Ponte, and Pat Boone.

“A Wise old saying goes: Five birds are sitting on a wire.  Four decide to fly away to the escape the danger of an approaching hawk.  How many remain on the wire? Answer: Five, because four decided to do something is not the same as actually doing it.”



The featured image was by: Susanne Nilsson